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Best London gardens

They say that you reap what you sow, but it is not enough to just plant the seeds. A lot of work is involved if you want to have a beautiful, colourful garden. A plan must be established, herbs must be planted on certain types of soil and seeds must be carefully analysed so that they will grow into the plants desired. Visit some of the best London gardens and discover the secrets behind the gorgeous flowers and trees.

Plant seeds for a delightful garden

Royal Botanical Gardens, Kew spread over 300 acres and house more than 300,000 types of plant. With a history of more than 250 years and appealing millions of tourists each year, these impressive gardens are everything you could wish from such a place. Stroll in the exotic rainforest in the Palm House, admire the giant lily pads in the Waterlily House and do not miss the 10 different climatic zones located in the Princess of Wales Conservatory.

You will meet many people in Kensington Palace Gardens, families coming out with their children, businessmen accompanied by their colleagues, alone gentlemen with their escorts from and astonished tourists with their funny backpacks and cameras. Wander in the Italian Gardens, discover the ornate Albert Memorial and spend some time in the Diana Memorial Playgrounds. Delight your eyes with the gorgeous plants and trees that grow in Kensington Gardens and walk on the famous Serpentine that was built between 1726 and 1731.

For many years, Kensington Gardens were seen as a section of the bigger Hyde Park, but Queen Caroline decided to separate them in 1728. With a long history, since it was built in 1536, Hyde Park was initially a private hunting place for Henry VIII. Only in 1637 Hyde Park opened its gates to the public. Witness a botanical curiosity, the upside-down tree – Weeping Beech – Fagus sylvatica pendula, walk under the green trees and listen to the cheerful chirping birds while you will explore the attractions within Hyde Park. Have your own garden

London highest public garden is definitely a must-visit, whether you stay here or you just spend several days in The City. The Sky Garden at 20 Fenchurch Street will charm you with the wonderful landscaped gardens and stunning views of the London buildings, streets and lights. The access to this garden is free, but you must consider it has a limited place and only a certain number of guests can enter at a time. Book ahead if you want to see the richly planted terraces with South African plants and Mediterranean species. Smell the Rosemary and French Lavender then enjoy the views of the beautiful Bird of Paradise – Stelitzia reginae – and Red Hot Poker – Kniphofia.

There are many lovely gardens and green spaces that will inspire you if you want to grow your own green heaven. You can request the assistance of a landscape painter, but your rewards will be considerably higher if you grow your garden from seeds. Consider the soil requirements and the necessities of each flower, tree and herb and you will obtain the colourful garden desired!

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