Grow your garden from seeds

If you planted your seeds a month ago and you cannot see anything green on soil, you are a bit far from getting the green garden you dream about. Growing a garden from seeds is easy, but there must be followed several steps if you wish to reap what you sow. Not only that the seeds have to be verified and carefully analysed, but they also need to be planted in certain conditions and on a type of soil.

A green heaven in your yard

Embed your plants in healthy soil and keep in mind that seeds need a certain temperature to germinate. If you plant Aquilegia seeds, keep in mind that they love sun and semi-shade. Californian Poppy – Eschscholzia thrive in poor and dry soil, while Pansies need sun or part shade and moist, well-drained soil. You must first establish what type of soil you have in your yard then find out what flowers will thrive in your garden.

Spring flowers that grow from bulbs love almost any type of soil as long as you plant them during autumn, right before winter will come. They can be planted under trees, in sun or shade, and they will still bloom wonderfully in spring. Combine Tulips with Daffodils and Glory-of-the-Snow, but bear in mind to leave enough room for the bulb to develop its roots.

Prepare the soil carefully before actually planting your seeds. Eliminate roots, loosen soil and even mix it with forest soil to make sure your garden will be greener. Do not suffocate new plants with a too thick soil blanket and consider nourishing plants with water-soluble fertilizers if you want them to grow faster. Water your flowers accordingly to their requirements – yes, some may need more water than others – and apply mulch on soil to make sure it will keep weeds out and water in. Love your work and put some efforts because only this way you can obtain the green and perfumed garden desired!