Easy ways to improve your garden

If you appreciate a colourful garden with perfumed flowers but you do not know if the soil can offer a proper development to your seeds, there are ways to fix this. You can actually enhance the appeal of your yard if you just follow a few rules. Beautiful flowers need more than soil and water – the sun and fertilizers received can really make a difference!

Plant seeds in adequate conditions

If some seeds germinate at the temperatures 15-20°C, planting them when there are 5-10°C will not bring you early blooms. You must consider the requirements of the plants you will be seeding before even purchasing them. Some seeds will need a certain soil and proper sun, so be sure they can thrive in your yard. You can aerate your lawn to support air circulation and water drainage and improve soil with natural fertilizers.

Instead of watering often and only on the surface of the ground, you should water less often and deeply. This way roots will grow strong and healthy, deeper down into the soil. This rule is available for trees, too. They will grow fragile roots if you do not water your cherry trees and apple trees properly. If you notice insects feasting on your flowers, do not use chemical pesticides. They are harmful for animals, bees and people and pollute water and environment.

Opt for natural pest control and seed plants that will miraculously banish mosquitoes and other insects. Mint, garlic, basil, lemon grass, marigolds, citronella and chrysanthemums are only some of the plants that are natural deterrents for bugs. But not all insects are harmful to your flowers: bees and butterflies spread pollen and keep your garden growing.

Use water wisely, utilize green watering techniques and spread mulch or compost on soil to maintain water down and plants up. Use rain barrels to gather water for your garden and you will have an eco-friendly garden. Consider these advices when planting your seeds and you will obtain the garden of your dreams!